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17 things Successful People do on Monday mornings (or any day of the week!)

  1. They wake up early
  2. They exercise
  3. They eat a healthy breakfast
  4. They arrive early
  5. They clear their desk and desktop
  6. They carve out time for unexpected projects and tasks
  7. They greet their teams and boss with enthusiasm and a smile
  8. They update their to-do lists and goals
  9. They visualise the week’s successes
  10. They screen emails for urgent requests
  11. They tackle the tough challenges first
  12. They make an extra effort to smile
  13. They add a “blanket of humanity” to their emails – they put themselves in the recipients shoes
  14. They’re able to say no
  15. They stay focused
  16. They remember that there is Tuesday
  17. They empower and organise themselves with a Sash & Belle Work Handbag



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