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We love our Sash & Belle stockists and we would like you to get to know them, we asked Bruce and Deb from Beaut-T-Ful Bags (Deb Cash-Campbell) located in the beautiful Blue Mountains four questions, this is what they said:

1. What inspired your to open BEYOND BEAUT-T-FUL BAGS?

BEAUT-T-FUL BAGS began as a party plan / market, festival business when we saw a unique range of handbags at a trade show. In 2012 we both faced redundancy from a national retail chain and with much trepidation and loads of encouragement we moved the business into a shop front at Winmalee. The business expanded based on customer requests/suggestions to add clothing, jewellery, footwear, hats/fascinators, to the ever expanding range of bags and scarves that we began with. This saw a change of name to BEYOND BEAUT-T-FUL BAGS as well as the opening of our second store at Katoomba. The inspiration behind the name is to provide products that are different, unique, of quality and value for money.

2. How do you chose the brands you stock in your shop?

There is a simple philosophy behind how we choose products/brands. Firstly we carry very few “brand” names. Secondly, if it’s a range carried by the major chains, we don’t touch it. Thirdly, and most importantly, it has to be different.

3. What is your favourite part about living in the Blue Mountains?

The people, the beauty of the area, and the fact that we can live and work in such a unique environment.

4. Your win $10millions in the lottery, what would you do?

Hang a sign on the door….”Gone Fishing”.

Thanks for stocking Sash & Belle in your shop!

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