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Finding the right handbag is a surprisingly personal and often a difficult task. Here are some tips to help you:

LIFESTYLE: Your bag should fit your lifestyle, your sense of style, and of course, there’s budget to consider. If you dress smartly, going for a casual looking handbag will just look bad.

VERSATILITY: Not many women have time to change their bag often, think about how the bag will go transitioning from day to night and work to weekend.

HANDS FREE: If you like going hands free or having your belongings secure, a cross-body bag or backpack could be for you.

TRAVEL: The tote is the best option if you like to throw everything in and go. This style is also ideal for travelling, as it will fit your iPAD, magazines, cardigan – you name it!

STILL NO IDEA WHAT TO BUY: Do some research, look in fashion magazines for models/celebrities wearing similar style clothes to you, then note the types of handbags they are using, note the style and think about it in a different colour or material etc

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