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One good thing about summer is that it is not only the time of the year when you get to lounge at the beach and enjoy the sun but is also the best time to explore fashion. Many people overlook handbags when they are out shopping, but we would like to change that trend this summer. You can find yourself a fantastic purse to complete your style, and we are here to help.

The following are the cutest handbags that you cannot do without this summer, and the best part is that you can find them in our stunning, unique and feminine collection.

Tote handbags

The elegance, simplicity, and versatility that come with tote bags make them one of the best choices this summer. They come in all shapes and styles, and you can’t fail to find the size that you need. Whether you prefer the briefcase, backpack or shoulder bag-styles, totes can hold almost everything you need to carry and still leave space for your essentials. Check out our fashionable and multipurpose tote bags such as the Sash & Belle perry-nappy-bag-camel, Kelly, Charlie or Alessandra.

Hobo Handbags

One thing about fashion is that it keeps going round and round – and the hobo handbags are evidence enough. These bags have been around for a long time, but they still rock. They have a unique combination of style and flexibility, and their simple vintage design makes them the best pick for your different outfits this summer. The Sash & Belle Piper and Casey are our go to hobo handbags, enjoy the premium textured leather of the Piper and great storage space.

Mini Handbags

Don’t we just love mini handbags? Whether it is a backpack or a crossbody, their minimal design makes them comfortable and light to carry around. They are the perfect choice if you are planning to be hands-free on a leisurely summer day. They are the best alternative to the bulky bags with enough space for only carrying what you will need, such as sunscreen. Be sure to find an ideal mini handbag for you in our collection such as the Eden, Tegan, Chloe or Sia.

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