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HANDBAGS MAY BE TAX DEDUCTIBLE, now there is another reason for you to buy a new handbag! The ATO says that handbags can be tax deductible, but (and there is always a but)…. you may have to use a log book to track what you carry in your handbag to work for up to 3 months.

Mens satchels/briefcases are tax deductible but we all know that what we carry in our handbags for work is the same we would carry in a briefcase.  Laptop, work papers, work phone…we should be able to claim a reasonable deduction for the cost of our handbag

This article tells you more https://sash-belle.com.au/admin/index.php?route=catalog/news/insert&token=4ae9753192a021512ccb9e1232cdcc70

What we need to do….tell the ATO that a handbag is used for work-related purposes, then it’s possible the ATO will review its position.


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