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The new year is upon us, and one of the things to consider is becoming more organised at work. While it may seem an impossibility at first thought, there is actually something that you can do to ensure that you remain productive. There are always so many things that will require your attention, from flowing emails in your inbox to managing the work that keeps piling on your desk, and with the new year, things can only get tougher.

This stress of everyday work is something you don’t want to bother you this year, and it would only be in order to spruce up your organisational skills. The following are the top tips to help you go through your workdays like a pro.

  1. Avoid Multitasking

Many people think that doing a couple of things at once is a smart and productive way to operate, but that is not necessarily true. Giving your full attention to one task at a time will not only help you finish it on time but also do it correctly. It is not easy to recover from momentary interruptions and concentrate on the different tasks that you are trying to handle when multitasking – you will be wasting a lot of time as well.

One main reason for multitasking is procrastination. Now, this discussion has been around long since time immemorial, and if you still think that putting stuff aside to come back to them later works for you, you might want to think again. Always aim at finishing what you set out to do to avoid stress later.

  1. Plan your days

A planner is one of the most common tools for organising one’s day but are you using yours effectively? The fact that you have one is not enough; you need to know how and what to plan for. different people have different preferences with others sticking with the old school pen and paper and others going with online tools like the Google Calendar. Whatever your pick, make sure that you had every important task allocated adequate time and arranged according to urgency.

Planning experts recommend writing your tasks down even if you will be using another application for notification. This will help you to remember the finer details of all upcoming appointments. You will not be surprised by a notification from the Google Calendar for that meeting you had completely forgotten about.

  1. Keep your desk clean

You have probably heard about the importance of decluttering your space – it helps to keep your mind clear and enhances focus. You want to make sure that your desk is clean at all time. To do this, have labeled folders for different documents and ensure that everything is in its place. You will save a lot of time locating simple things like the stapler if you have it in its place all the time. What’s more, you will feel more motivated for the work than when your desk is dirty and disorganised.

  1. Use the right handbag

There is so much that you can gain in terms of remaining organised by using the right bag for work. Our collection of work bags, the Belle (belle-handbag-stone), Imani (omani-work-handbag), and Sofia (sofia-work-handbag) were designed with functionality in mind. What you get with the Sash & Belle work handbag is a sophisticated mix of utility, quality, and style all in one bag. That means that you will not need to have different bags for separate work.

The Sash & Belle Sofia and Imani handbags are some of the latest innovations in our collection that suit the modern on-the-go businesswoman. They are the ultimate choices and are designed to adapt and perform beyond your expectations. You will still be rocking fashion and style even when you lead a mobile business lifestyle.

  1. Take Breaks!

While you need to hit that limit before midday, the chances are high that you will be burned out way before getting there. You may think of breaks as a waste of time, but it is actually a thing. To ensure productivity; it is recommended that you take regular breaks to rejuvenate your energy and get you going. They also help to clear your mind and keep it open and focused. So, don’t skive the lunch break in the name of saving time, you may end up wasting more in the long run.

  1. Have a To-Do list

The last tip is one of the most common ones – a To-Do list. There are times you get ideas of what you need to do to get your job done appropriately and having a notebook close will help you jot down such points easily and quickly. Also, write down everything you are required to do on the To-Do list before allocating time for each in the planner. This is the best way to ensure that you don’t miss anything significant. As a result, you will be organised and lead a leveled life-work lifestyle.

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