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Being a mum on the go means that you have to be smart with your fashion choices. Take this for example, imagine carrying a baby bag along with your everyday purse, or bag. Does the thought seem hectic to you? If so just know that there’s a better way to carry your little one’s needs and yours.

You work hard and you’re always on the move. You deserve a bag that will assist you with your daily task. The Perry tote bag is a smart fashion choice, because it doubles as a stylishly cute baby bag, and a tote for work or travel. This means that you can carry your baby’s essential items and yours as well.

Wondering what will actually fit in this bag? Here are the top most needed items that you can carry in this bag.


Nappies are a mums necessity when going out with their babies. A change of clothes can easily become something that’s also very much needed. The Perry bag is extremely spacious and has a zipper compartment that makes it easy to tuck things away. Carrying a light jacket in the Perry bag comes in handy when it gets cool out and you need to keep your baby warm.

Lotion, Wipes, and Sanitizer 

Babies are known to get a little messy, that’s what babies do. As a mum you’re probably always prepared for this type of situation. Carrying hand wipes is important for cleaning up messy little hands and faces. This keeps them clean and free of smudging left over food everywhere. Baby lotion is also something that you could easily toss in this bag. Babies need a little after changing, and it can also be applied to their hands after being wiped clean. Protecting your baby’s skin is extremely important and the Perry bag is roomy enough to help you do that.

Makeup Bag

A makeup bag that’s small enough to carry your must have items can fits perfectly into the Perry bag. There’s a lot of room in this bag, so a small to medium sized makeup bag will hardly take up any space at all. You can just toss it in there, or slide it away in a hidden compartment. It’s as simple as that. A makeup bag can be a helpful item for busy mums to have. You can apply your makeup on the go, so you don’t have to compromise not wearing any.

Bottles or Cups

The Perry bag is primarily a baby bag that doubles as a tote for mums. The design includes a compartment for a bottle, or a cup for your baby. You can easily bring your baby’s meal or favorite drink and fit it right in there. You also get to keep the majority of your space to fit other items as well. You can fit a small or a larger sized bottle, or cup into the holder. The elastic at the top of the holder keeps your bottle in place as you move along during the day. Your bag will easily stay clean and spill free.

Phone, Tablet, or Laptop 

If you’re a working mum on the go it maybe necessary for you to carry you laptop around with you. Being able to get your job while taking care of your little one is what makes you a superhero. If you’re out enjoying the day with your baby you can fit a tablet into the bag with no problem. This is a great device to keep your child entertained when needed. You both can watch a movie, or play an interactive learning game. Your cellphone also fits right into this bags there’s a small pocket that your phone can slide right into.


Babies love snacks and mums do too, so carrying snacks in a bag is usually something that’s essential. The Perry bag has a lot of compartments that are perfect for storing a few tasty snacks. You can fit a medium sized lunch bag with snacks. You can even carry a few snacks packed away into a bag. Being on the go can make you both hungry, so this bag is big enough to carry enough snacks to get you through the journey.

Try our Perry tote/baby bag and see for yourself!

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