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There is no doubt the 7-week holiday throws many mothers off balance when back to school comes knocking. It is always not easy to notice the days getting shorter until you realize that your kids will be going back to school the following week, if not the following day. In fact, the confusion during this time of the year is always so much that it sometimes feels like a competition among parents, and the worst part is that it has become a trend.

But what if there are ways of getting your act together and make this be your year? The following are the tips you want to have up your sleeves to help you survive back to school.

Buy Shoes Early

One of the many things that complicate matters when it is time for your children to go back to school if fitting the school shoes. Besides the fact that you may not have bought them a new pair for their new year in school, chances are high that they may not fit properly. So, what should you do? Buy them early enough to allow them to try them on and break them in. The point here is to make sure that by the time they are going back to school, they will not be worried about blister or pain due to improper fitting.

Set A Waking Up Routine

You probably have been to your kid’s room to wake them up, and ten minutes later they are still sleeping. This can be tolerated during the holidays, but with the schools opening, you don’t want it to be one of the challenges you face in the morning. The best thing to do is to begin way before the schools are opening. Come up with a routine to have them up time for the morning preparations.

You want to be consistent with both wake time and bedtime. You will want them to sleep early to wake up early. Also, think of something good to give them in the morning that will definitely get them out of bed. The last thing you want is to barking in the morning. This will only lead to more fights. Besides, challenge them to handle waking up early on their own by, for example, using their own alarm clocks.

Plan Your Days

There is power in planning your days especially when the schools open since you will have to include some new tasks such as school drop off and mid-week shopping for your kids’ lunch. While the old school pen and paper approach are ideal for helping you remember what is on the list, using online tools and applications can save you the hassle. Be sure to turn on the notifications on your planners to help you remain on course.

Rise Early Enough

You want to be in the best state of mind when dealing with your children’s preparation for school in the morning, and doing it while battling sleep will not do you any good. As such, you need to wake up way before them, go to the shower and pull yourself together. Many mothers prefer preparing themselves first before helping their kids to be ready for school.

Remain Organized

It can be super challenging for working mothers having to wake up early, get ready for work and help their children prepare for school, but if you find ways to be organized, everything should move smoothly. Most of your preparation as a working mother is ensuring that you have everything in place, and there is no better way of doing that than ensuring that you have the right handbag. Your handbag will make it easier for you to locate your stuff amid the hassle of preparing your kids for school.

The Sash & Belle collection of work bags are ideal for working mothers and can help you survive back to school. You will remain organized with your items in place as you help your kids get ready for school. What’s more, you can browse our store for different other bags such as Everyday Bags, Leather, Nappy Bags, and Vegan Bags.

Plan the Week’s Meals

If you are the type to spend a lot of time debating what your family should have for lunch, it can be helpful to plan the meals of the entire week. This will not only save you time to think about other more pressing matter but also reduce the back to school stress. If your kids carry packed food, make sure that their lunch bags are in excellent condition and clean.

Help Your Children with Homework

It is essential that you help your kids with their home and see to it that they have completed it. You may want to come up with a routine and set aside the time for handling homework with them. Encourage your kid to be organized and avoid procrastination. This is also the best time to bond and learn about the difficulties they may have in school.

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