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3 ways to boost your productivity this week

Kristy McPhillips

Posted on August 30 2019

Know your top three priorities

What are your top three priorities for each day? They can be big or small, but no matter what they must be completed in order to stay on top of your deadlines. It can be a good idea, if you know them, to write them down at the end of the day so you will be prepared for the next day. I think this also helps you feel mentally prepared when you wake up the next morning and it might also give you a better night’s sleep because your mind is more at rest.

Master the to-do list

When you are feeling stressed, stop, refocus and re-organise your workload. If you read our blog regularly you will know I love a to-do list. Running Sash & Belle, working full-time in the public service and having a young family, a hard copy to-do list is mandatory otherwise my brain would be fried (some days it is!). This allows me to reassess and put everything into perspective, immediately reducing my stress levels. Create realistic deadlines for each task and if any are able to be appropriately delegated, do so. Work through your to-do list methodically and repeat this process daily.

Don’t procrastinate

I am the worst at procrastinating!! I can waste so much time “tidying the house”, “perusing Facebook and Instagram” but no matter what your procrastination ‘go-to’ is, it’s all got to go when you need to get something done! Here are some tips to help:

  • Put your phone on Do Not Disturb or silent;
  • Turn off your email notifications or close outlook/gmail. Turn off your Facebook and Instagram notifications too
  • Make the most of your ‘peak’ times when you are feeling the most energetic, fresh and motivated. Everyone’s “peak” time is slightly different.
  • Utilise these ‘peak’ times to get through your to-do list, do the most important first.

I hope these tips help!

Kristy x

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