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Buying with confidence: 4 factors that should influence your purchase

Kristy McPhillips

Posted on August 26 2019

Buying with Confidence: Making a purchase should not be as complicated as many people like to make it. It should be enjoyable and easy if you do it the right way, and if you are buying personal items, such as a Sash & Belle handbag, it should always be about you. It is true that sometimes you may need to seek a second opinion about an item from your husband, mother or a friend but the final decision rests with you.

When I owned the shop, Gungahlin Collective, many women didn’t have the confidence to choose the outfit, handbag or jewellery themselves. They would turn to their friend/mother/husband and ask them for their opinion. A lot of the time that person considered if they liked the item and not what it looked like on their friend. Most of the time they would say they didn’t like it and their friend, although disappointed would listen to them. This would drive me crazy and I just wanted that person to have the confidence to know what suits them!

So, here are some tips to help you next time you are shopping because you are the best person to know what you like and what suits you!


The best way to make sure that you are buying an item that suits you, and is precisely what you need is, to begin by researching it. Find out everything about the product, from the main features to the available alternative and everything else in between. This information will give you the confidenceyou need to make the purchase, and as they say, it is power.

Many a time people buy things and regret their choices due to either following other people’s suggestion or as a result of self-doubt. And if you have found yourself in that situation before, it is time to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

What are the factors that should influence your purchase?

Before you buy something, there are a number of factors that should help you make the final decision to take the item home. They will help you know what you want and what you don’t regardless of another person’s opinion.

  1. Know your Style

As you might have guessed, the first thing is your style. When buying personal items like clothes, a pair of shoes or a beautiful handbag it is prudent to bear in mind that you will be the one using it thus the need to consider your style first and not anyone else’s. If you are trendy and like to keep up with fashion, go ahead and get yourself that latest fashion trend in the market, and if you like to keep your style retro, a vintage touch should do the magic. At Sash & Belle we believe in quality and function so our handbags will last but they are also affordable so you can get more than one!

  1. The purpose of the item

It may seem obvious that you only buy an item if you are going to use it but you will be amazed by the number of times people buy things to use them later when the need arises. The fact that you like a product and think that its use might pop up in future is no reason enough to buy it now. In fact, it might be the reason why you keep spending more than what you allocate in the budget. Be sure that what you are buying will has a specific purpose, if not, don’t buy it. Our work bags have a purpose, to be with you from 9am-10pm to match your mobile lifestyle.

  1. Quality over quantity

You have probably heard about the need always to buy quality, and the truth is that you should. No compromise. If you are seeking to purchase an item that you will love and be able to use comfortably, then you should be ready to dig a little deeper into your pocket. The one feature of quality items that make them worth the consideration is that you will not have to keep replacing them. They are durable and will serve you for long. What’s more, they are more ethical compared to the cheap products that are likely to be dumped in the markets. At Sash & Belle, quality is our driving force.

  1. Are you buying it because someone else said so?

The last thing you want to do is to buy an item because someone else says you need to. Whether it is a friend or a family member, the decision should be yours to make. It comes back to the first point of knowing your style. Confidence is vital, and if you like a product, and believe that it will work for you, then no one should discourage you from buying it. It is worth noting that you have the power to choose to either buy or not buy, especially if it is a personal item since you will be the one using it.

To end, I say have confidence in yourself and whatever you buy, own it!

Kristy x

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