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What your handbag says about you

Kristy McPhillips

Posted on August 26 2019

There is a correlation between the kind of handbag you carry and your personality, which is why you prefer a particular type of bag to the others. This relation can tell a lot about you, especially on the days that you are doing more than just matching your handbag with your shoes.

It is possible to notice these similarities in friends who are always carrying a particular handbag regardless of the occasion. This is what we think a bag says about a person.

Tote bags

Tote bags are for the busy, on-the-go women. They are the goal-setters and possess a strong sense of initiative. The fact that they have a lot to manage and think about in life, the tote handbag fits their lifestyle and is actually handy in helping them achieve their goals.

In fact, it is the size of these bags that allow them to organise stuff and ensure that they leave nothing behind because that is what organisers do. The totes in our collections that you can count on for space include Perry tote, Kelly tote, and the Alessandra tote.

Shoulder Bags

This is quite simple. Women who like shoulder bags always bring out more than just fashion. They like to express class and status, which is pretty much another way of saying that you are after success if you have not achieved it yet. The shoulder handbag tells that you value utility with the need to turn heads for all the right reasons. Check out our collection of shoulder bags which include Imani, Belle, and Sofia among others if you would like to add quality to your collection.

Crossbody bags

The one noticeable feature of cross-body handbags is their small size which will make you carry only the necessary items like the keys, your phone, and wallet. Despite the size, these bags are always just enough to carry what you want, and that is why they are regarded as functional – less is more. The carrier comes across as a fun seeker who is always ready to go out.

The chic and cute cross-body handbags in our collection include Chloe, Eden, Sarah and Tegan. You will notice their boldness and style.


While the sizes of backpacks vary, women who carry them are adventurers and would love to travel the world. A backpack slung over the shoulder will have nothing but essentials to offer comfort without sacrificing style. These women are likely very organised which will be reflected in their way of living. Their lifestyle is more likely the hands-free type and will not want to keep their backpacks away from them.


Wallet carriers are idealists who stand out as positive and upbeat. They cannot think of anything going wrong and will leave the house carrying only the wallet since that is all they need. In many instances, these women are easy going and pleasant to be around although pretty unprepared should an accident happen. Also, you can tell that they don’t like being weighed down by a lot of the unnecessary items like the makeup kit.

and of course there are women who just love bags and will wear whatever they like, maybe that is you?!?


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